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Madurai Nadar Uravinmurai
Madurai Nadar Uravinmurai was started in 1951 by the great effort of the society president Mr. P. Ra. Muthuswamy Nadar to unite all the Nadar community people living in Madurai and has been doing excellent education and social work in Madurai for more than 70 years. Its first president was Mr. Dr. B. Vadamalayan and Mr. S. G. Jayaraj Nadar as Vice President, Mr. K. P. S. V. R. Guruswamy Nadar and Mr. P. V. P. Valasubramanian as General Secretary.

School History
M.K.R. Ayya Nadar Jeyalakshmi Ammal ICSE School was started in 1999, with the huge donation of Mr.M.K.R. Ayya Nadar and the great efforts of Arivuchudar K. Arivananda Pandian on ICSE curriculum. In the year 2007 M.K.R. Ayya Nadar Jayalakshmi Ammal English Medium School was granted permanent recognition by CISCE Council with a great effort by the administration headed by Mr. S.K. Mohan, in his wake after the death of Arivuchudar Mr. K. Arivananda Pandian. In the year 2019, about one acre of land was purchased on Madurai - Rameswaram National Highway for the playground of M.K.R. Ayya Nadar Jeyalakshmi Ammal English Medium School. In 2021 M.K.R Ayya Nadar Jeyalakshmi Ammal English Medium School was approved for ISC curriculum.

1954 Established a higher secondary school in Nagamalai Pudukottai with the efforts of W.P.A. Soundhara Pandiya Nadar, V.P.R Gangaram Durairaj Nadar, K.I. Sukkini Nadar, S.V.K Meenakshi Sundhara Nadar, M.S.P. Solai Nadar, A.V. Shanmuka Nadar, S.V.P. Palaniswami Nadar, K. Uruma Nada

1956 Established Jayaraj Nadar Higher Secondary Schooland the foundation stone was laid in 1955 by the Chief Minister of Chennai, Perundhalaivar K Kamaraj and it was inaugurated in 1957 by him.

1965 About 32 acres of land was donated to the Nadar Mahajana Sangam to start S. Vellachamy Nadar College

1976 Built N. Subburaja Nadar Krishnammal Marriage Hall with the donation of Mr. N. Subburaja Nadar and with the great efforts of Mr. M.S Ramasamy Nadar

1977 Bharat Perundhaivar Kamarajar Aranilayam was started in the name of Perundhalaivar Kamarajar.

1986 Madurai Nadar Uravinmurai Jayaraj Annapakkiyam Matriculation Higher Secondary School was started with the donation of Mr. S. G. J. Cellathurai, with the great efforts of Ms. A. Soundarapandian

1988 A full-length bronze statue of Perundhalaivar Kamarajar was erected

1995 The long-delayed Kamarajar Aranilayam was completed through the dedicated efforts of K. Arivananda Pandian and inaugurated by Dr. Pa. Sivanthi Aditanar.

1999 A statue of Perundhalaivar Kamarajar was erected in the school premises upon completion, presided over by Dr. Pa. Sivanthi Aditanar and unveiled by the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanithi.